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We’ve spent hours getting the warehouse all ready to start sorting. Dismantling plywood, tearing down cardboard, moving hundreds of bottles, stacking, sorting, visualizing. Now we’re READY! So for all my Michigan people, we’re going to need all hands on deck to get this put together. If you’d like to help, signup below! 

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Walking in Drew's Shoes

Drew's personal blog giving a unique look into his perspective of living with a spinal cord injury. Real and uncensored this is not for the easily offended. This is a place where you get to see Drew make himself vulnerable in hopes that others can relate to his experiences and take something away from them

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About Us

Our Fight Against Paralysis

The Drew Crew is a non-profit organization focused on helping individuals and families that have suffered a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury. Our mission is to show that those who have suffered a catastrophic injury such as this can still live a complete and fulfilling life. We are capable of giving mentorship and guidance to individuals and families, as well as helping or perhaps facilitating a way to raise money for a specific need.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!


Drew and his dad LeDon speaking on their triumph and faith

Drew and LeDon join MI Healthy Mind and share their story

A story of faith and will to be sure. But one of triumph over extreme adversity, of family love, of friendship, of unshakeable inner strength. It begins with a child who was naturally optimistic, outgoing, intelligent and active. Drew Clayborn was into everything good—sports, theatre, music…life! Until one day, at age 15, he broke his neck doing a random back flip. Watch as Drew and his Dad tell us their stories and we get insights from Philip J. Lanzisera, Ph.D., ABPP of Henry Ford Behavioral Health who offers clinical perspectives.

Mlive In-Depth Interview Of Drew As He Prepares For His Senior Year At The University Of Michigan.

Drew once again displays the humble strength that makes him a hero and an inspiration to all who knows him

Meet our friend Katie Steele.  Katie had a car accident after she fell asleep at the wheel. Katie, much like Drew has a strong will, a loving heart and the determination to live a full life.  


With the help of some very special friends from Maxim Home Healthcare, Burning Daylight, and The Woychowski Foundation we were able to purchase Katie a new special adapted manual wheelchair which provides her with more freedom to live life to the fullest.  

Dillon Bond suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after being hit by a car on M-59. The Drew Crew was able to help raise $20,000 for Dillon and his family as he transitions home after being in the hospital

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