Drew’s Story

In high school, there weren't many students as actively involved as Drew. During his sophomore year, he played football and basketball, was a member of the marching band and the guitar club and participated in a school play.


It was during a rehearsal for the production of "Seussical: The Musical" that the 15-year-old Drew's life was turned upside down. When the play's director asked if the students had any unique talents to share for the musical, Drew offered that he could perform a backflip, which he was still in the process of learning.

Drew landed wrong in his ill-fated demonstration, breaking his neck, leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down in the process. His memories of the moment and the week that followed are blurry; mostly non-existent.

"One day we were kind of goofing around in the hallway and I tried to do a backflip and landed wrong," he said.

Through his own inner-drive, the overwhelming devotion of his family, who is at his side providing care at least 12 hours a day, and the financial support of fundraising efforts of "The Drew Crew," Clayborn's dreams have been fulfilled while new goals have been imagined.

Now a mathematical biology major at U-M, Clayborn's father LeDon describes his son's journey as "a miracle" as he approaches graduation and pursuit of a master's degree.