The Drew Crew is a non-profit organization focused on helping individuals and families that have suffered a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury. Our mission is to show that those who have suffered a catastrophic injury such as this can still live a complete and fulfilling life. We are capable of giving mentorship and guidance to individuals and families and helping or perhaps facilitating a way to raise money for a specific need.

After Drew suffered a spinal cord injury in 2010, there was an outpour of love and support by the community, helping Drew and our family in more ways than we could imagine. From there, The Drew Crew was formed. Ever since, we have continued to try to spread the amazing love and support that we have received to others. We strive to maintain a relationship with any family or individual we can help and stay connected going forward.




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All throughout the year, we have 3-4 FUNdraisers to help our cause. Join our newsletter to keep in touch. Follow what events are coming next, hear about Drew’s journey towards recovery, and see your next opportunity to give! 


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Executing 3-4 fundraisers a year are a lot of work! Which presents many opportunities and ways for you to help. If you think you have something you can give, whether it’s resources, time, or skills. Please fill out the form below and we’ll try our best to see where you can help. Thank you!