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With over a decade of experience navigating life with a high-level C1-C2 complete spinal cord injury, Drew and his family are committed to giving back their wealth of knowledge. Whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, there are so many things to be considered to live a complete life. We are one example, and here’s what made it possible for us. 

Learn About Paralysis

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On Drew's YouTube channel is where he compiles videos breaking down different techniques, technologies, and routines

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Drew's Therapy Equipment

The foundation of Drew's success after his injury has been his ability to maintain physical health and avoid preventable conditions

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Weekly Podcast

Listen to Drew open up and talk in-depth

about interesting subjects regarding disability and paralysis with incredible guests

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Drew's Personal Blog

Here's where Drew gives his most authentic self. Pouring his heart into his writing. So others may take away from his journey

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